My New Fiverr Gig


I will beta read up to 5000 words of your fiction and send you a report. The report will include suggestions as to grammar, spelling errors, sentence structure, inconsistencies, etc. I specialize in short works of horror, speculative and fantasy fiction, but will beta read any length.

I have written several short stories and articles. My other experience includes a background in journalism and editing. I am well read in the top writers of these genres. I am also familiar with the various tropes and themes surrounding these genres. You will get a beta reader who reads, writes and is quite knowledgeable about these types of fiction.

Zombie Joe’s Fiverr Gig



Is this what crowd funding is about?

The Big Bang Press kickstarter campaign just doesn’t add up to me.

Campaign Link

From the BBP kickstarter page:

3x $5000 advanced payment for each author: $15,000

3x $5000 printing and publishing costs for each book: $15,000

The remaining $10,000 will go towards Kickstarter payments (5% of the eventual total), Amazon payments, and compensating our publishing team, website designer, graphic designer, and artists.

These numbers just look crazy to me. It looks like they just want to pay everyone involved with the campaign before they even write or sell the first book.

If I did start a funding campaign, I would use the money to pay for any “out of pocket” expenses. This would include editing, cover art, advertising, etc. My goal would only be a couple thousand or less with less being better. All funding would go directly to making the book the best that I could make it. I would only get paid for my time, work and writing if the book sells.

In my opinion these high goals for books and the general expectations of the campaigners to get paid for their time with the goal money are not keeping to the true intention of crowd funding.

Big Bang Press will probably reach their goal, but I would much rather help fund a more reasonable goal set by an indie author who I’ve read and would like to see succeed.

What kind of indie writer are you?

When I was in college one of my gigs was writing a weekly human interest column for a small local newspaper. I would turn in around 750 words and a photograph each week for $50. Some of my friends thought it was like getting free money. They had no idea how much work and expense was involved. Finding the stories was the easiest part of the process.

Each article took one to two days to complete. This was before digital cameras, so I had to spend my own money for film. I did the processing for free at school. I had to buy pens, notebooks and micro cassettes all the time. The folks that I did these features on didn’t get out much, so I had to buy fuel to get to them. So let us say that I had to spend $10 for each article, leaving me $40. That wasn’t much money for a day or two of work even back in the 80′s.

The point of all this rambling is that writing is hard work. It was then and it is even harder now. I already had a paying market for those features. We as indies are fortunate to have several ways to publish our own work now. Being an indie author means doing more work though. If I could have anything it would probably be more time to do all that work or perhaps I could clone myself. I have plenty of ideas, but not much time. I guess one could say that I have a different kind of writer’s block.

I have a “day job” that I will keep doing until I am physically unable to. I have a very small production company so my “day job” can often be day & night. I have to travel to where the work is and work long hours. This leaves me precious little time for writing. I’m not complaining though. I am happy that I have a steady client base and a network of other small production companies to keep me busy in this economy.

Writing for money for is a gamble, but so is any business venture. As ventures go, indie writing is relatively cheap compared to other ventures. Quitting Motorola ten years ago and cashing in my 401k to start a production company was a huge gamble. It turned out to be the right decision, but I had no way of knowing that at the time. I won’t even get into the huge expenses involved in running a video production outfit.

Writing is a guilty pleasure for me. I do it because I love the whole process. If I did it just for money I would not have even wrote for that tiny newspaper. I spend very little money and whatever time that I can spare doing it. My indie writing career is moving very slowly, but I’m ok with that. I would love to achieve high sales some day. Would I quit my “day job” then? I doubt it.

It would take an awful lot of sales to get me to turn my back on a proven source of income.

I also enjoy watching other authors rise to new heights. Some of them I enjoyed reading from the beginning of their careers. It is exciting for me to witness their well deserved successes. Yes, I’m looking at you Hugh Howey. You are who I want to be when I grow up:)

Why do I write?

I write because I thought that there would be free food involved, but I was wrong.

So wrong Sad

I think that I write for the same reasons that I read. Both allow me to enter a different reality and maybe learn a few things along the way. I also just feel compelled to write in much the same way that I’m completely compelled to read most anything that is put in front of me.

Even if it is just the back of a cereal box. I always feel like I’m going to miss something if I don’t read it. I have to write down every little idea that I have or somehow I might lose it.

Turning those stacks of notebooks into publishable material is the hard part. Always so many new distractions & ideas.


Maybe I just need therapy Smiley

Contest Winners!

The winners are in and here they are. Thank all of you for participating and come check back soon, as I will be announcing the next contest this weekend.


1st Place



By Larry Dela Cruz




The three fifteen year old mean girls looked too old to still be trick or treating and certainly looked too young to be wearing slutty costumes. They were preoccupied with looking at an obese girl wearing a witch outfit that barely fit her. When she was close enough to hear, Tiffany, in a sexy devil costume said “What’d you do, eat your best friend? Is that why you’re all alone?” All three of them laughed derisively.


Instead of backing off, the fat witch tuned to her and said “Yeah, I did.” She then dropped her candy bag, grabbed Tiffany by the head, pulled her close to her face and said “And she was a cunt, just like you.”


The witch then opened her mouth wide, and to the horror of the two other girls, began to swallow Tiffany whole. The witch’s throat expanded to fit her head, and then contracted to crush it with a disgusting sound. The rest of her followed suit.


After she was done, the witch belched, and the sickly sweet perfume Tiffany wore wafted over to her two friends. It was at that moment they screamed.


LARRY DELA CRUZ has been writing for over ten years. With works that encompass print, television, and live events, he has only recently begun trying his hand at fiction. His self-published e-works are available at the Amazon Kindle Store. He lives in the Philippines.

2nd Place





Eric Pidgeon


The orange glow of the fire burned through the woods. I tried to keep my footsteps light but the forest floor betrayed me. My breathe thick in front of me. I could hear them in the distance, the beat growing heavier. It became difficult to differentiate between the drum beat and my heart. I came to the edge of the clearing. The smell of cooked flesh and blood began to fill my nose. I put my back to a tree and closed my eyes, trying not to hyperventilate. Their infernal chanting resounding in my ears, echoing throughout the deadened woods. I peaked my head out to view the group of hooded cultists. The chanting stopped and they passed a golden chalice around amongst themselves. As they drank from the unholy vessel a man in purple robes stepped forward and began to talk. In deep but soft voice he addressed the vile congregation in an almost sensual fashion.


“Tonight, my children, we have something new. Something that will surely please The Master.” I then found what he meant. The entire group turned at me with eyes glowing red. I now knew the feeling of pure fear.


3rd Place



Bob’s Haunted Fun House by Salinas Montif


Bob leaned forward on the shopping cart as he waited to check out. Glancing at the carts contents, he rechecked his list one last time. ‘Nails, Halloween Streamers, Hack Saw blades, Drain Snake. Yep, all there. I love shopping at this hardware store. It always feels timeless.’ He thought, as he glanced around.


Heading outside, he paused, struck by the beauty of the day. Late October, bright, clear blue sky. ‘Perfect for getting the haunted house set up.’ Just then, a sudden flashback clouded his mind, causing him to clench his fists. The kid next door, with an evil grin, whacking the Mums he had carefully planted at the end of his walkway earlier this week. ‘Lil bastard.’


The warm sun on his back quickly melted the negative thoughts from his mind. ‘Best to enjoy the rest of the day’ he mused as he arrived at his car. Fumbling for his keys, a sudden thump emanated from the trunk, as the car shifted slightly. John looked at it for a moment, smiled, and then unlocked the passenger door to load his groceries. “I love Halloween.” He whispered, as he placed the brown bag on the seat.





Contest Deadline is Here

Thanks go out to everyone who entered. I’ll be going over the entries and choosing the winners. On Halloween October 31st, I’ll announce the winners and post their stories.


Watch for the next contest which will be announced soon as well.


Good luck everyone:)